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All our meat boxes come from happy, healthy livestock that were valued and cherished from gate to plate.

Lambs born in March and April and run with their mothers for about 4 months to ensure they absorb the core nutrients derived from their mother’s milk to build strong natural immunity and therefore create a great future product as spring lamb, hogget or mutton.

Pembrokeshire Lamb Ltd aims to ensure that all our products reach our customers in the highest quality – guaranteed!

When you receive your Pembrokeshire Lamb order it will arrive in one of our recycled cardboard boxes with a lovely cosy wool pouch and ice packs to ensure our meat is safely nestled in the box and remains cool during transportation. Our wool liners are made from 100% natural, sustainably sourced wool.

Each piece of meat is individually wrapped so you can take what you need, when you need it and leave the rest for another day. Each portion is stored in an outer wrap where you’ll find details of the product and the best before date.

At Pembrokeshire Lamb we believe in fostering traditional, sustainable values which have been handed down through generations of farmers to ensure animal welfare and preservation of the land we use. By growing our own crops as feed and using our natural resources we give our animals the essential nourishment needed to ensure our product is fresh and sustainably farmed with ethical practices in mind.  We farm in a regenerative manner, caring for the soil. Soil health is paramount as without it then sustaining life is difficult. 1 gram of healthy soil contains in excess of 1 billion microorganisms from fungi, bacteria, protozoa and more.

Pembrokeshire Lamb Ltd is committed to sustainable ways of doing business which is why we are conscious to ensure the products we send out to our valued customers are sent in both an environmental and ethical manner. If we could, we would totally do away with packaging altogether but to get our food to you in perfect condition we have to protect it and at the same time ensure what we do doesn’t harm our incredible planet. So we are always looking for ways to source more sustainable alternatives to what we do so our products arrive in perfect condition.

Whilst we are on a mission to reduce our use of plastic there are currently limited sustainable options available so in the meantime we’re happy to take back as much of your packaging as possible.

We will accept; outer plastic bags and card labels, wool pouches and ice packs. Please ensure the packaging is as clean as possible when returning so we have the best chance of reusing or recycling the packaging.

Our paper and stickers are responsibly sourced and is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. We use parcel tape to ensure our meat boxes arrive in pristine condition. Our tape is made with 100% brown recyclable paper with an adhesive which is fully biodegradable and compostable.

Our paper is sourced in the EU, manufactured in the UK. It is acid free and suitable for cold storage (it can be applied at chilled temperatures (roughly 5 degrees) and stored down to -25).

Our boxes are made from a material that is: FSC certified / Sustainably sourced recycled materials that are 100% biodegradable. Once you have finished using your box it can be recycled or composted.

So far we have helped plant and maintain 6,300 (and counting) trees and reinstate a old pond as part of the PLANT project, creating a community woodland for the future.

Pembrokeshire Lamb has purchased shares as part of a community buy out, helping protect the local village pub, a vital hub for many.  Y-Cross

Our wool liners are made from responsibly sourced 100% sheep’s wool that is natural and housed inside recyclable polyethylene. This means that once you have used and loved the wool pouch it can be placed in the compost where it will naturally break down and release a whole host of lovely nutrients such as nitrogen which can fertilise your plants. Even if our wool ends up on a landfill, it will still naturally biodegrade within 6-12 months.

We shear our sheep once a year as it is essential to ensure animal welfare and not as a money-making exercise, indeed in 2019 the money received from our wool only covered half of the cost of shearing.  As part of our drive towards a caring and sustainable system it is worth more to us knowing the welfare of our livestock is maintained and that the company we sell our wool to supply the makers of our packaging; it is all part of the same cycle.

Woolcool™ has been rigorously tested and proven to keep produce within the temperature ranges required by the Food Standards Agency. Woolcool is made of 100% felted sheep’s wool which is washed in a natural process, scoured then sealed within recyclable industry grade micro-perforated polyethylene wrap.

Originally designed for shipping farm shop meat boxes, Woolcool™ has been proven to keep contents below 5°c for 24 hours and more even up to 72 hours and longer.

The fleecy Woolcool™ insulation snugly cushions contents and protects against damage in transit. The wool insulation naturally absorbs moisture which prevents condensation and humidity.

For frozen meat to be delivered we have to place this in plastic vacuum bags to ensure the product remains safe in transit. As a responsible company we always aim to ensure that we use the lowest grade plastic possible in order to reduce our plastic usage. All our plastic wrappers are 100% recyclable and can be recycled.

We need to ensure that our materials are ‘food safe’ as this is a directive set out by the FSA who ensure all producers only use packaging materials that are perceived to be not harmful to our health.

Pembrokeshire Lamb uses Sorbafreeze ice sheets as they are a lightweight alternative to water and gel filled packs which are bulky to transport. Just one box of Sorbafreeze is equivalent to a whole pallet load of water filled sheets.

Sorbafreeze sheets light weight and easy to store as they come unhydrated. They are filled with a clever polymer powder which when simply soaked in water, hydrates the cells ready to be frozen into ice sheets when required. Once hydrated and frozen, Sorbafreeze doesn’t melt back into water so there is no risk of soggy packaging or damaged products.

We want our planet to thrive and therefore recommend our customers reuse as much packaging as possible. Our cardboard boxes, ice packs and wool pouches are all perfect for reusing. Our plastic vac bags can be put into your weekly plastic recycling and our wool liners can be composted or recycled or even used in craft projects.  The wool is also a useful slug deterrent and mulch around plants which releases nutrients back into the soil as it breaks down.

Woolcool™ is the only insulated packaging with genuine environmentally friendly credentials. Woolcool™ is made using nature’s smart fibre, wool, as the incredibly effective insulation which is available in abundance and entirely biodegradable.

The fleece is washed and scoured without the use of harmful chemicals or additives, then felted and hygienically sealed within recyclable, food grade film. Woolcool™ boxes are tough enough to re-use and widely recyclable.

Pembrokeshire Lamb Ltd has a zero to landfill mission that we are striving to achieve Our primary goal is to reduce, reuse and then recycle. All of our business waste is separated each week and all items recycled. All food waste is disposed of responsibly. As a community we need to change the way we recycle at home and help local councils to improve their services so less plastic and harmful by-products to farming and food production are placed into our beautiful natural environment.

Biodiversity is super important to us. 10% of our farm is mixed woodland we have chosen to protect with some trees over 400 years old. Within this are a variety of habitats from boggy pools to rocky screes, all important habitats for a variety of species. Woodcock, Skylarks, Red Kites, Tawny Owls, Buzzards and Tree sparrows are just a few red listed birds who reside here.  We are proud to be guardians on a SSSI (site of special scientific interest) and an SAC (special area of conservation)>

Hedgerows provide food and shelter for animals and their roots interact with the mycorrhizal fungi within the soil, allowing nutrients to be cycled. We trim them on a three yearly rotation ensuring there is always plenty of food left for wildlife. Damaged and gappy hedges are being replanted with mixed native species and livestock fenced out.

We are fortunate to live in a high rainfall and a low population area meaning we create minimal supply pressure.  Keeping water troughs well maintained and harvesting rainwater also mitigates some of the demand.

Kara holds a BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour and Welfare and Steve a BSc (Hons) Agriculture.  Between us we believe prevention is better than cure. Keeping clean and healthy livestock is paramount, and a good relationship with our vet ensures there is help when needed. We only breed from genetically strong and healthy animals such as good foot structure. This reduces instances of lameness there fore being kinder to future generations of sheep.

Our sheep graze outdoors all year round with the exception of the pregnant ewes who will be housed for approximately a month allowing us to provide optimum care.  They will be fed home grown haylage and a small amount of hard feed, giving mother and lamb the best start.

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I can’t believe how simple it was to order online, the delivery was very quick and the lamb tasted amazing. I will definitely be ordering again, thank you Pembrokeshire Lamb and the Lewis Family.

Jordan Lewis
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