Pembrokeshire Lamb

Our Welsh Spring lamb is available from late April/early May through to July from lambs that have been reared on a diet of milk and our lush spring grass.  They offer a beautifully sweet taste and are a delight to eat. From chops to joints our Welsh Spring lamb is a true gate to plate experience that has been produced to the highest standards of animal welfare and care.

From July onwards our lambs graze fields rich in grass, clover and herbs.  If grass growth is slow and cannot provide the nutrition they need the lambs will graze forage crops such as brassicas.


Pembrokeshire Hogget

Our grass-fed lambs aged between 12 and 18 months are classified as hogget which is mouth-watering meat firm in texture and full bodied in taste. These lambs mature naturally on grass and forage crops which enables them to absorb more of our natural goodness.  Our lambs that develop into hogget are hung for 2 weeks to ensure that the intensity of flavour can develop.


Pembrokeshire Mutton

Mutton is a full-bodied meat that takes our mature ewes aged 18months+ who have fed on our green pasture lands for many seasons and turns them into a mouth-watering meal. Mutton has been used in Asian and Afro-Caribbean food cultures for centuries and is now being introduced to mainstream menus and mealtimes by discerning foodies looking for meat with a depth of flavour. Our mutton is to die for, rich in heritage and will not disappoint the meat loving foodie.

Sustainable and beautifully presented lamb, hogget and mutton meat boxes