Quality not quantity.

Quality not quantity

One thing I have learned over the recent corona-virus outbreak is that I do not need to rely on the larger shops.  Not being able to “pop into town” on a whim was frustrating at first, but soon I realised that often what I wanted could wait, or was not essential. The modern fast pace of life has tricked us into thinking we need everything; we need it now and we need it cheap.  This however is seldom the case.  Yes we all like a bargain, but at what cost do these bargains come?  They maybe cheap to our pocket but often someone at the producing end is suffering, be it through poor pay, welfare or environmentally.

The internet has been invaluable in helping me source local suppliers or producers.  If I can’t find it locally I will try and support a small business elsewhere. This may appear to cost more in the beginning, but in the long run I actually spend less. I feel connected with the product and value it more.

Our products are very different from those found on the supermarket shelves. We pour our passion, knowledge and care into our products from start to finish.   We spend our money locally, pay our taxes and keep the economy turning.


I have made a pledge to buy a meat box a month from local or UK producers.  This is more important now than ever with the threat of sub-standard American imports.  It is important to me to know how my food has been produced, and that it has not traveled thousands of miles across the globe.  Being able to stock the freezer with quality produce is very reassuring and with a little forward planning no more difficult than buying weekly from shops.  I have five children who are not cheap to keep and have a modest income, so every penny needs to be spent wisely. I try to batch cook some meal bases to freeze such as bolognaise, stews etc for those busy nights after work.  Slow cooking is a good way of using cheaper cuts of meat that often have fantastic flavour providing it is cooked long and slow. It can be difficult on days when I’m working but if I can plan ahead then the money I save when grabbing tea on the way home isn’t to be sniffed at. I must add that our local butcher too is fantastic, but it is important to build a relationship with them.

I’m not just talking about meat either, fruit, veg, bakery, crafts.  These small businesses keep your towns going, support local schools, fund raising etc.  Their children are in your local school, sports teams and much more.

I challenge you to try this for 3 months and see if it makes a difference for you too?  After all the more money we spend locally the bigger the  benefit to the whole local economy.



Support small business.

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